Joe Cowen

At a young age I was never into sports, it was only in my later years at high school that I started to do a little gym work (mainly to get a bigger chest and arms for the ladies!) and that was the start of my sport/fitness lifestyle.

After a few years of lifting weights I found CrossFit and, like most people, my first workout was ‘Fran’, which I did with a 25kg barbell and strict pull ups. It destroyed me! From then I was hooked and I haven’t looked back since. Over the last two years I have built up my knowledge of how the human body moves and the sport of CrossFit, and completed my Level 1 Trainer’s course.

I strive to be a better coach session by session and ensure all the members of CrossFit Napalm; from the first timers to the competitors, move safely, efficiently and perform to the best of their ability. 

My CrossFit competing career has come a long way. Before I joined Napalm, I started in a local throwdown and placed mid pack in the second group. I’ve since found that team competitions are where my strengths lie. Last year the team I was in had a great year with an eleventh place finish at Wild West and a fourth place finish at Tribal Clash; both competitions tested all aspects of fitness and had more than 100 teams competing. This year we hope to do even better and try to get Team Napalm on the podium.

I want to better myself as a CrossFit competitor both in individual and team competitions. My future goal is to qualify for a national competition and then hopefully a European one after that. With the help of the other coaches and equipment at CrossFit Napalm, this is a very realistic goal!  

Favourite WOD: Jay. It has high skilled movements in it that I really enjoyed, and then the dreaded burpees destroyed me physically and mentally!!!