Does it matter how fit / fat / skinny I am?

NO!!! By design, CrossFit is scalable to whatever your current level may be. At CrossFit Napalm we have worked hard to design a program and a progressions system that allows you to work at your current level, while working towards the next.


How is CrossFit Napalm different to other gyms?

Traditional gyms charge you for access only and if you’re lucky, some background music. At best there is a general induction teaching you how not to hurt yourselves on their machines, but there is no coaching, no program and no emphasis on improving. Nobody helps you or cares if you turn up – in fact the Commercial Gym business model is based on you buying their cheap membership… and never coming to use it. Sound familiar?

At CrossFit Napalm we focus on small class-sizes, great coaching and progression towards results. We encourage fun, community and want you to come and enjoy your gym as often as you like! We have no contracts and no joining fee because we want you to keep coming back each month because you love the place and love the results.


How long are classes and what do I need to wear?

The sessions run for an hour – we ask that you be on time and dressed ready for the start of class. Shorts and a t-shirt, joggers and a hoody – whatever you like so long as its loose and you can move freely. You will get warm though!

Other than that, just turn up ready to have a go and we’ll take care of the rest!


Do I have to do the Elements Class?

Yes. To make sure you are covered our insurance requires that you go through some sort of induction. We decided to take this a step further and go through all the main movements so that you will be familiar with them before you start classes.

For those who are new to exercise or to CrossFit they will be very useful. Even to those who have some sort of training background, it’s a great chance to iron out any movements you’re not great at, plus there will be a workout at the end which you’ll enjoy!

The session is free if you have already joined CrossFit Napalm – alternatively, when you join afterwards, the £10 fee will be knocked off your membership.