Unlike many other group classes, we don’t cram as many people in as possible, preferring to focus on the quality of our coaching rather than quantity. For this reason you will never be in a class larger than 16 for Skill or Sweat classes or a group of 20 for our Saturday partner WODs.

We have something for everyone at CrossFit Napalm, have a look at what we have on offer.

A structured 60-minute class focusing on mobility work, technique and, of course, the WOD!

It’s your box - use it! Catch up on WOD’s you’ve missed, make up your own workouts, practice skills or simply hang out with your friends.

You guessed it! Basically a class adapted to the needs and skill set of our mini Napalmers. In a group setting, kids participate in fun an engaging workouts that are designed to develop a lifelong love of fitness while also delivering measurable results.

A full class dedicated purely to WODing - no skill or strength section to start,just straight into the action!

These 60-minute classes are great whether you’re a beginner or at a more advanced level as we focus on efficiency throughout a wide range of movements, practice drills to help develop the movement covered in that particular class and identify and mobility issues/imbalances that may be preventing you from progressing.

This five-week course is limited to 12 members only and coached by two trainers for 90 minutes to really focus on the finer points of your weightlifting technique and get you lifting heavier and more efficiently.


Is a 60 minute class that you can attend after completing the lifters course. This class will barbell only to bring your lifting and technique to the next level.

This is for complete newbies or members that may require a bit more technique work. It consists of 3 sessions (45 minutes to 1 hour) with a coach to go through all the basic movements within crossfit, it may sound scary, but we promise you, we’re very friendly! Relaxed and informal, once you feel more confident (and don’t worry, we’re not expecting perfection straight away!), we get down and dirty with a simple but effective WOD (Workout Of the Day) to send you home educated, tired and ready to rock the real classes!

Feeling a bit nervous? You’re more than welcome to come along and watch a class first! Kids are also very welcome to wait in our lounge area while you complete your class - they can even follow in your footsteps and try one of our CrossFit Kids classes!