Welcome To Our Playground

Fun! And Sweat! In Equal Measures.....

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that is accessible to anyone and everyone.

It takes the best of all sports and training systems and combines them into a single package to offer you a highly effective workout method. CrossFit combines body weight exercises, Olympic Weightlifting, Kettlebells, Powerlifting and "Cardio" like rowing and running into circuits that balance strength with cardiovascular fitness. This means we can help you if you want to improve your athletic capacity or simply live a full and healthy life!

 Simply put in our classes you will run, jump, squat, push, pull and lift!



What To Expect

Our sessions are structured to ensure sure you get the most out of the hour you’re training with us - you’ll be correctly warmed up, you’ll be well coached and you’ll be given a version of the WOD that is suitable to your level. 
We focus on mobility, skills, strength and conditioning in every single session to ensure you become the best you can be. Unlike many other group classes, we do not cram as many people in as possible, providing only equipment and a soundtrack. 
Having fun and being fit is great - and is central to CrossFit - but we also want to enjoy visible results from our efforts. At CrossFit Napalm we believe that form follows function - so we focus on making you stronger, fitter and faster because if you are athletic you will look athletic. 


Intensity is what drives your body to change and improve. If you want to get stronger, fitter, leaner - or all of the above - Intensity is what will get you there fastest. 

Functional Movements

CrossFit draws heavily on Olympic Weightlifting and Gymnastics to develop functional fitness. We do exercises that relate to everyday movements - we push, pull, squat, lift, throw, run and jump. 

But Don't Panic

We want you to go as hard as you can while maintaining correct form. You will be given scaled exercises and workouts appropriate to your level, and you will be shown how to progress to the next level. 

Constantly Varied

Lets face it. Gyms are boring. One of the things that we love about CrossFit is that no two workouts are the same. You just won’t know what challenges you’ll face at the box that day.


One of the many things that sets CrossFit apart from other fitness classes is the community and friendships it promotes. At CrossFit Napalm we have a Lounge area set up so that you can hang out, chat and have a brew with your mates before or after your workout (or any time really). You’re also more than welcome to watch and encourage others in their sessions or bring friends and family to watch you in action!

With us you will never be viewed as ‘just a member’. We are proud of the reputation our Napalm Nation has developed and whether you are a long-standing CrossFit devotee or someone new to the sport, you will be encouraged, motivated and supported by our inclusive and welcoming community. We have even set up a lounge area so that you can hang out, chat and have a cup of tea with your mates before or after your workout.


Don't Take Our Word For It

I’m now fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been before, going from ‘too fat to exercise’ to working out three times a week – and enjoying myself.
— Samantha Nutall
I am the strongest I’ve ever been and coming up to the fittest I’ve ever been and there is still so much more room for improvement.
— Gemma Partington
The benefits are not only physical, there’s a great CrossFit community where we challenge and compete with one another but also share tips and techniques.
— Miles Godfrey
I saw progress with every week, learning CrossFit, about form & moves. I’ve made some lovely friends & I can honestly say it’s been life changing. I cannot imagine my life without it.
— Marie Cooper

Your gym in action.