Marie Cooper

My CrossFit journey started back in 2010.  Overweight and totally unfit, my idea of exercise was a walk in the park and I thought it was fine to eat takeout four times a week if it came from different places. To go from being a girl that couldn’t throw a wall ball any higher than head height and thought an empty bar was too heavy, to training five-six times a week, consistently improving and having the confidence to enter a few competitions, proves that CrossFit is for everyone. It changes people’s lives.   

CrossFit brings people together; the camaraderie and fun of wodding against your ma-te, (wanting to beat them, but in the same breath so happy if they win), setting goals, testing and re-testing, encouraging from all levels and knowing that you’re all aiming for that end result; to be better than you were yesterday. That’s what I love about CrossFit. 

Seeing my improvements and the progress of others made me hungry for more, wanting to learn about the process and the coaching side. I completed my Level 1 Trainer’s Course in November 2012 but it took a while to build my confidence enough to take a class so I shadowed and helped to start & was massively supported by Mark. I now love it; I still get embarrassed when someone calls me Coach though! For me, coaching is about giving something back and supporting others on their journey in the same way I was supported on mine.   

I’m still a busy mum of three and I still run my own business; but I now take the time to not only coach both adults and CrossFit Kids classes (I qualified in May 2015), but to also fit in my own training. My three children all CrossFit and they absolutely love it; it’s something we can do as a family.

There’s no better feeling than giving a cue to someone then watching them go on and PR or get a first. The reaction, the amazement, is fantastic to witness. Watching oth-ers achieve what they didn’t think possible brings me a lot of satisfaction and makes me very happy.