Carl Bryson

I first got into CrossFit after stumbling across it at a local circuit training class. From starting with no interest in fitness and being very out of shape and quite plump, I realised that I needed to make some lifestyle changes. So, like everyone else, I started my path by attending a globogym. 

After doing countless sets of curls and bench (all with cringeworthy form!), I decided that training alone was boring and tough, so I looked for a group environment I could train in. Circuit training was more like it; I enjoyed the group environment but it seemed to be still lacking something. Cue the miniature legend that is Mr Mark Williams, he must of seen great potential in my keenness to push myself to tough places and introduced me to the wonderful world of CrossFit. 

We started 1-2-1 PT sessions and then started training together, pushing each other to get stronger, fitter and bettering our technique each session. All of a sudden something twigged and I started to get my other training buddies to join us. I loved the community that was growing and even found myself correcting their movements - there it was - a new passion for coaching. Helping people to move better, correcting poor form and encouraging people to push their intensity levels. 

I went on to get my CrossFit Level One coaching certificate and now have my CrossFit Gymnastics certificate too. By the end of the year I am hoping to further my qualifications and become a better coach. 

I enjoy the longer, nastier wods in CrossFit (also known as ‘chippers’, so be prepared if you take part in my Sunday classes!). I discovered this early in my CrossFit journey after hitting a wod called Filthy Fifty. It took me more than 40 minutes to finish and left me in a sweaty mess on the floor. I got up after a while and thought I cant wait to do that again. I have since gone on to beat that time by nearly 15 minutes!

I'm just starting to dip my toe into competitions, doing team or paired events, but I don’t think it will be long until I'll be trying to hit an individual competition.