Mark Williams

Head Coach

As well as being Head Coach, I’m a fully qualified physiotherapist with a degree in Sports Science and Nutrition. Having achieved great results with my PT clients using CrossFit principles, I founded CrossFit Napalm to help more people achieve their goals, regardless of their fitness levels.

As a former-fat-boy, I understand the frustrations of people who have tried following fad diets and used treadmills and machines with little or no success. Having dropped around five stone my-self using CrossFit training methods (and a LOT of trial and error on the dieting front), I’m confident that I can help anyone to achieve their goals.

I also offer personal training sessions where you can benefit from bespoke sessions designed to develop your fitness or to perfect a particular movement. Each individual or group class will be tai-lored to suit your body type and goals. In line with this, I can also produce personalised dietary plans designed to suit your unique requirements.

A regular on the CrossFit competition circuit, I represented my native Wales at the 2014 Inov-8 Four Nations and have appeared at several Rainhill Trials, Wild West and Team Thorium competitions.